Welcome to the Baker Institute Lipidomic PheWeb

The Baker Institute Lipidomic PheWeb contains genetic associations with the human lipidome. For detailed information about the analysis and cohorts, please see our paper: Cadby, G. et al. Comprehensive genetic analysis of the human lipidome identifies novel loci controlling lipid homeostasis with links to coronary artery disease (2021).

Three PheWeb portals are available: standard, clinical lipid adjusted, and meta-analysis. The blue drop-down box allows seamless switching between PheWeb portals.

Complete summary statistics are available at the GWAS Catalog (study accession numbers GCST90023981-GCST90025848). An excel spreadsheet linking accession numbers to lipid species is available here.

How to use the Lipidomic PheWeb

Manhattan plot
Find genetic associations with lipid species

Search for lipid species to view interactive manhattan- and QQ-plots. Each plot shows associations of lipid species with over 13 million genetic variants.

Regional association plot
Find genetic association in gene regions

Search for a gene to find lipid species associated with genetic variants in the region.

PheWAS plot
Finds lipids species associated with a genetic variant

Search for a genetic variant (rsID or GRCh37-based Chr:BP) to see associations with lipid species.